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Domestic Violence is a very serious matter.
Being  in an abusive relationship is not
healthy for either  party or your children. 
If you are in an abusive relationship, you should seek help.  You have options. 

A 209A Abuse Prevention Order is a Court order that is issued when there is a concern of imminent serious physical harm.  This remedy should only be sought in cases where there is such a concern of serious harm.

Attorney Williams understands that every form of abuse, be it physical, verbal or emotional is extremely serious and concerning.  Being in a relationship where there is any form of abuse impacts both parties and your children. 

A 209A Abuse Prevention Order is one form of seeking protection from domestic violence under the law.  There are other options available when the standard is not met to receive such an order.

If you are the Defendant in a 209A hearing, you need to have legal representation.  Attorney Williams has experiance helping clients seek 209A Abuse Prevention Orders and helping them avoid having such an order placed against them.

A 209A Order is very serious.  There are criminal implications.  If you have a 209A Order against you, you can be arrested and held by the police if there are accusations of your violating the Order.  Your employment may be impacted should such an Order be entered against you. 

There are cases where two people can not be in a healthy relationship together, but that does not mean a 209A is necessary.  Other orders may be put in effect to protect one party from their fears and concerns, while at the same time avoiding the criminal implications of the 209A Order. 

There are of course other cases, where the circumstances meet the standard and a 209A is nessesary to protect a victim from further harm.

If you are in an abusive relationship, please look for a way of getting out of the abusive cycle.  Seek help for you, your partner, and your children. This can be done  through counseling and therapy and through legal channels.  If you are seeking a legal remedy, Attorney Heather-Jill Williams, is available offering compassionate assistance to obtain the releif you deserve.

Domestic Violence and 209A Abuse Prevention Orders

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams


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