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There are times when people are not
satisfied with a decision made in their family court case.

It is important to know your options. The right to an appeal applies to both temporary orders as well as final Judgments.

An Appeal provides individuals the opportunity to have their case looked at by a higher court.

It is important to weigh the risks, costs, and options available to you when considering an appeal of your family court order.

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams has experience representing clients who are seeking an appeal as well as defending clients whom have been served with an appeal.

Not every family court decision can be appealed.  There must be a clear abuse of the court’s discretionary power, or violation of lawAttorney Williams will advise you of your options and consult with you as to the costs, risks, and possible outcomes which may result from an appeal.

The appellate process is very technical.  There are detailed and specific rules which must be followed in order to have the case prepared and presented to the Appeals Court.  Included in these rules are very strict time standards that start the moment your Judgment is entered.

If you have received an Order, either Temporary or Final Judgment,  which you are not satisfied with, do not delay in consulting an experienced Attorney regarding your rights to appeal.

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams has the experience and knowledge to advice you on your rights.  She understands the costs involved in seeking an appeal.  Attorney Williams recognizes that some family court decisions, especially those which impact the wellbeing and care of your children, may require appellate review to ensure that your needs and your children’s needs are satisfied.


Attorney Heather-Jill Williams


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