Expenses related to raising Children &
                                                        Child Support

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams


The Child Support Guidelines are presumptive in Massachusetts. 
However, presumptive does not mean automatic.  Rather, in certain circumstances, child support may be greater than or less than the presumptive guideline amount.  These deviations are important to consider when agreeing to a child support amount. 

Income is often an issue in determining child support.  It is not uncommon for a party to under report their income.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams is experienced in obtaining and analyzing financial discovery and uncovering the true financial picture of a case.

Other important factors to consider when looking at Child Support include college education costs, tax dependency, and any alimony obligations.   In balancing the entire financial picture, Attorney Williams will assist you in getting the appropriate child support order for your children whether you are the one paying or receiving.

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