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In Massachusetts the best interest of the child controls what happens in Custody and Parenting Plans.   The term “parenting plan” is now used throughout the Commonwealth, replacing the term “visitation” which was common not too long ago.  A parenting plan sets forth the time that your child or children spends which each of their parents. 

Custody refers to both legal and physical custody. Physical custody is where the children physically reside, and legal custody relates to the parent or parents whom have the right to make decisions regarding the children. Attorney Williams will fully advise you as to these important legal terms that impact your rights to your children.

In establishing a parenting plan, we look to what role each parent has historically taken in parenting the children.  Many factors are considered in establishing this schedule.  

Attorney Williams is familiar with the needs of children of all ages, from infants and toddlers whom need frequent contact with each parent, but need to remain primarily with their primary caregiver (in cases where there is one), to school aged children with busy extracurricular schedules, to adolescents and teen aged children who may have a schedule all their own.  She will work with you to address your concerns and needs and work for you to obtain a parenting plan which is in your child’s best interest.

When thinking about parenting plans, it is important to keep in mind your child’s needs, family traditions, and historical parenting roles.  These concepts should guide not only the regular weekly parenting schedule but also the holiday, vacation, and special occasion schedule.

At times, one parent or the other has acted in a manner which causes concern for the safety of a child. Attorney Williams has the experience in handling these unfortunate circumstances. She is familiar with the various plans for supervised parenting time and can advise you of your options should you have any particular concerns.

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