Custody, Support and Parenting Plans
        for Children of Non-Married Persons
When a child is born and the parents
are not married to each other, it is 
very common that the father will
sign a Voluntary  Acknowledgment
of Paternity. 

This paper is usually signed at the hospital and then filed along with the child's birth certificate.  In signing this paper, he is legally saying that he is the child's father. 

Being the legal father of a child provides a dad with certain rights and responsibilities.  As a mom or dad of a child you should be aware of what your rights and responsibilities are, as well as those of the other parent.

If no such acknowledgment is signed, an action must be filed in the Probate & Family Court to establish Paternity of the child, at which time the father will have the legal rights and responsibilities to the child.

In these cases there can be genetic marker testing (what people commonly call a "DNA" or "paternity test", and within the Paternity action and the custody, support, and parenting plan will be established.

In some cases, the Voluntary Acknowledgment has been signed, and then the father wishes to contest that he is the father.  There is a very short time frame in which a dad can request genetic marker testing after he has signed this legal document.    

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams is experienced in handling cases involving the Custody, Support and Parenting Plans for children of non-married persons.  She assists many moms and dads in obtaining satisfactory parenting and support plans that are in the best interest of the child.

Attorney Williams understands that there are all sorts of circumstances and facts involved when two people have a child together and are not married.  She is sensitive to each particular child's and parent's needs.  Her experiance and compassion will assist you in establishing (or maintaining) your parental rights and crafting a support and parenting plan that is in the best interest of your child.

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