The legal process of ending your marriage by dividing your assets and providing for the support of your spouse, yourself and your children may feel overwhelming.

Not knowing with certainty your future financial security, custody and parenting plans, or the other important life changes which are a result of divorce can be extremely stressful.

In an effort to alleviate some of this stress, Attorney Williams works tirelessly to keep you informed of your legal rights and obligations, and the progress of your case.

With her extensive knowledge of matrimonial law and the probate and family court process, combined with her compassion and understanding of each client’s needs for themselves and their family Attorney Williams is focused on providing the best representation possible for you in your divorce case.

When your spouse or their attorney makes unrealistic settlement demands, it may be necessary to take a more aggressive approach to your case.  In hotly contested cases, such as in a high net worth divorce case, or one involving complicated custody issues,  Attorney Williams uses her extensive trial experience and advocacy skills to provide her clients with zealous and effective representation. Your case will be handled by Attorney Williams herself, and each case is given the full and focused personal attention that it deserves.

You will be kept informed of each step of the divorce process and take comfort in knowing that your needs and the best interest of your children has been the priority of Attorney Williams throughout the entire case.

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