Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
The best way to be informed is
to ask questions.

What happens in one case is in no way an
indication of what will happen in your case. 

There are so many different facts and circumstances that lead to a settlement or
judgment.  Families are unique, and each family has different needs which will dictate the appropriate resolution.  

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams is frequently asked questions such as:    
            "What should I expect for child support?"
             "Can I keep the house?",
             "What will the parenting schedule be?"
             "How will the retirements be divided?"
             "How long will my case take?"

Although these are all frequently asked questions, the answers all depend on each persons's life story, and their unique set of facts and circumstances.

If you are looking for an answers, the best way to become informed is to ask a knowledgable, skilled and experienced attorney.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams has the practice experiance, knowledge and skill to answer your questions. She is happy to provide you with this information during a comprehensive and confidential consultation. 

Following are some answers to questions that are
               frequently asked prior to the consultation:

How do I choose an attorney to assist me in my family law matter?
Experience in the Probate and Family Court matters.  Attorney Williams has focused her entire legal career practicing in the Probate and Family Courts in Western Massachusetts from the inception of a case through the trial phase.

Trial experience in particular is important.  Some attorneys are quick to settle cases as they lack the experience, skill and confidence to take a case to trial.  Your attorney should be skilled at negotiation as well as litigation, offering you the best chance of achieving satisfactory resolution. 

What should I expect from my initial consultation with Attorney Williams, and is there a consultation fee?
Attorney Williams charges a nominal fee of $40.00 for an initial consultation. She does not process prospective clients like a factory. Instead, each person with whom Attorney Williams speaks is given the time and attention which they deserve. You'll be able to explain your situation to an experienced attorney and receive an honest evaluation of your claims and defenses. During your consultation, Attorney Williams will review any documents you provide about your case, discuss your case with you, provide you with answers to your questions, and provide you legal advice, options, and strategies based upon the information you provide.

Do I even need an attorney?  
Although the court can not require you to hire an attorney, the services of an experienced lawyer concentrating on divorce and family law is essential.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams will assist you in making sure that your rights and those of your children are fully protected and that you do not make the wrong decision regarding settlement that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

Can one lawyer represent both of us?
It is unethical as a conflict of interest for one attorney to represent both parties in a family law case.  Each party needs to be represented by unbiased independent counsel of their own choosing.


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