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Life changes and so at times must your Family Court Order.

Sometimes a change is expected.  This is often the case with
children get older and are heading college.  If your case ended
when your children were young, most likely your order did not provide for college education.  You are permitted to return to court if agreement can not be reached on how to pay for college.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams has the experiance required to negotiate or take a case to trial when the issue at hand is paying for your children's college.

Other times change is not anticipated.  A loss of job may put you in a place where child support or alimony must be modified.   Concerns regarding your children's schedule, education, or well being may require a modification of your parenting plan.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams understands that family needs and financial positions change over time.  She will work with and for you to modify your court order so that it meets your current individual family needs.

Life changes such as remarriage or job relocation may put you in a position where you need to move out of state or in state but far away.  If the other parent does not agree to your moving, you must obtain the Court's permission to do so. 

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams understands that these so called "removal" cases can be challenging both emotionally for the families involved and legally based upon the laws of the Commonwealth and each cases individual facts and circumstances.  She is knowledgable of these laws and experienced in representing parents on both sides of the issue, those wanting to move with the children and those wanting the children to stay.  If you are involved in such a case, seek legal advice to be informed of your legal rights and obligations.

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