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The assets which you and your spouse own, either individually or jointly are all divided in your divorce.  This includes real estate, bank accounts, retirement plans, automobiles, and the like.

The first step in dividing your property is identifying all of the assets of the marriage.  Once a list has been created of the assets, the next step involves valuing the assets.  This can be accomplished by appraisal or by agreement.

It is not uncommon that experts need to be consulted with in order to obtain valuations.  Attorney Williams has the knowledge, experience, and history of working with various experts throughout Western Massachusetts, and can assist you in obtaining the fair market value of your assets.  This includes valuation of any businesses which are owned by you or your spouse. 

After your assets have been identified and valued, Attorney Heather-Jill Williams will work with you to achieve your desired equitable property division.  Often times the value of items is more than just the dollar amount, sentimental value or the needs of the children may be factors which influence your desired property division.  A common misconception is that in Massachusetts property is divided “50/50”.  In Massachusetts, property is divided fairly and equitably.  Equitably does not always mean equally.  This is governed by statute and there are various factors which the Court will look to in determining the fair and equitable division of the marital estate.

Attorney Williams will advise you regarding how each factor combined with your personal and unique family circumstances effects the property division in your case.

Attorney Heather-Jill Williams


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