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Mediation Services
Amicable resolution is most often the best resolution.  One of the most efficient means of acheiving an amicable agreement is by attending mediation.  During the mediation process, a neutral third party listens to both sides of an issue and assists in coming to a common agreement that both parties can live with as a satisfactory resolution.

When going through the mediation process you are not advised of your legal rights by an attorney representing you and your best interest, unless you hire independent legal counsel.  Attorney Williams offers sound legal advice so that your rights will be protected throughout the mediation process.  She is available to attend mediation with you should you so desire, or in the alternative available to review a mediated agreement and advise you as to your rights and options. 

You are always free to agree to something you believe is fair.  However, the agreement you sign now may have a lasting impact on you and your family both now and far into the future.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams will advise you of the potential effects of your agreement and any possible legal concerns
so that you can enter into your agreement in an informed and intellegent manner.

Uncontested Options 
In Massachusetts it is possible to file a joint petition for Divorce.  When doing so, you and your spouse are both filing together a document with the Court indicating that you both agree your marriage is over with no hope for reconciliation.  These are cases where two people have agreed upon the terms to settle their case.  There are many ways to get to the agreement, including mediation with a neutral third party.  Agreements are also achieved when one attorney is hired to represent a party or both parties hire their own independent attorneys and an agreement is negotiated or reduced to writing. 

Your Probate and Family Court can be concluded in an uncontested manner even if it did not start out with an agreement.  The option to file an agreement and end your case in an uncontested manner can be used in modifications, custody support and visitation cases, as well as divorce.  You are in control of your case.  Attorney Heather-Jill Williams is available to provide advice and advocate for you to achieve the most satisfactory resolution.

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